Our mission is to provide data driven, actionable insights that promote renewable energy sources and advance sustainability efforts.

Guiding Principles


Emphasizing Our Clients' Needs


Placing Sustainability First


Delivering  High-Quality Work


Veridian Analytics is an independent provider of cutting edge data analysis, research and consulting services. We strive to help our clients make evidence-based decisions when pursing their business goals. Through our efforts in the clean tech and renewable energy industries, Veridian aims to be a steward of sustainability well into the future. We look to spread their use globally as we continue to partner with firms in the private, public and non-profit sector.

Our Name

We founded our company with the goal of helping firms transition towards achieving a sustainable, green future. Likewise, we are dedicated to seeking out truth, where ever it may be. Veridian pulls its name from two sources that, we feel, embody who we are as a company - the color Viridian and the roman goddess Veritas, the goddess of truth. Veridian commits to our clients and partners to never compromise on these founding principles.